PrOlix X-T™ 1.25 oz. Dry Lubricant with Spout Applicator Tip


  • Made in U.S.A
  • Takes the place of Grease
  • Bio-Degradable and Ozone Safe
  • Contains no grease, oils, silicons or graphite to build up
  • Contains no petroleum based products
  • Dry to the feel
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PrOlix X-T™ 1.25 oz. Dry Lubricant

Xtra-T LUBE takes the place of grease, yet will provide a DRY hi-tech compatible addition to your cleaning solvent product. Xtra-T is a highly refined natural product with inert additives.  Multi-use Xtra-T LUBE is thicker than most cleaning solvent.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 5 in