Zmax Bolt Lube/ Bore Cleaner & Conditioner


  • Stays where you put it, like rails and rings of AR bolt.
  • Does not get Gummy or Sticky
  • Suspends carbon and direct gas residue
  • Flows when cold; stays viscous when hot
  • Superior suspension of dirt and carbon
  • Soaks into the pores for ideal cleaning and conditioning of gun bores, barrels, actions, and contact surfaces
  • Reduces build-up of combustion by-products, lead, and copper, preventing bore fouling
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Zmax Bolt Lube and Bore Cleaner & Conditioner- For all Firearms

THE SECRET IS OUT:  Since 1936, ZMAX Micro-Lubricant* has been extending the life of vehicles plus improving performance, reducing emissions and increasing fuel mileage. Now this same proprietary formula is available for use in firearms. Special formulas have been created to provide denser lubrication, a benefit specifically for firearm cleaning and conditioning.

BOLTLUBE : consists of ZMAX Micro-Lubricant* blended with various high-quality ingredients for heavier lubrication. The consistency helps BOLTLUBE* adhere to parts, providing ideal lubrication, less wear, and reduced friction.

BORE CLEANER & CONDITIONER: Conditions and cleans firearms

Zmax Bolt Lube Brochure

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