“Our gear at Khyber travels frequently and globally, the safety and security of our equipment is critical. We rely on Explorer cases to keep equipment and firearms clean, dry and safe, they provide the extreme level of protection we need. This is the case you need if you need indestructible.”


Wes Doss- President • Khyber Interactive Associates LLC

Wes Doss

Filming in a new destination just about every week puts a real demand on my gear. I trust the Explorer Cases to keep my equipment safe and organized. With the padded bag inserts I know right where everything is, so there’s no fumbling around when I need to make a quick lens change. My Explorer Cases give me one less thing to worry about when it comes to the stress of traveling and hauling gear.


Dennis Azato- Camera Operator NRA Life of Duty


Dennis Azato

Explorer Cases have protected our firearms when we’ve traveled from Russia to Korea to Texas and everywhere in-between. The worst thing in the world is the show up to a match and find your gun case and firearms damaged. Ever since we’ve been using Explorer Cases we had less stress traveling knowing our firearms are safe. We wouldn’t trust our firearms in anything else.


Lanny and Tracy Barnes- Olympic Biathletes

Lanny and Tracy Barnes

I travel a lot for photo or video assignments and protecting my camera equipment is a top priority. I usually have so much gear that my Explorer Case will be full when we ship or checking them in at the airline. Explorer cases are well made, very durable, and they don’t even scuff easily.  Bravo Explorer Cases, well done.


Dennis Biela- Professional Photographer

Dennis Biela

“Explorer Cases have created a case that can withstand the rugged lifestyle that comes along with hunting. From driving in the mountains to being transported on planes, and withstanding the elements, Explorer Cases hold up great and I know my guns, bows or cameras are safe and sound.”


Clint Capurro- Syndicate Hunting TV Show

Clint Capurro

“I can’t imagine traveling to location without my Explorer cases.  Recently, as I was setting up to cover Kionte Storey competing for a spot on the National Paralympic Team at the trials in Minneapolis, Minnesota,I got caught in a major thunderstorm.  The cases withstood rain, hail and mud, but the equipment inside stayed safe and dry. Later that morning, blue skies appeared, I took out the cameras and kept shooting!


Cirina Catania- Director/Cinematographer

Cirina Catania

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